advanced MIDI controller

  • Music scale and chord aware key grid.
  • Configurable scales and chords.
  • Four Pots for Synth Control.
  • Gerneic USB audio MIDI device.

  • Different Modes of Operation:
    • Keys play root note of chord in selected scale.
    • Keys play chord in selected scale.
    • Advanced arpeggiator using chords and scales.
    • DAW control.

  • Technical Details:
    • General purpose PIC board for USB projects.
    • CPU: Microchip PIC 18F4455.
    • 24 Button inputs via 74HC165 shift registers. Avoids button ghosting.
    • HD44780 LCD Interface
    • PCB exposes all PIC Pins on side for breadboard plugging
    • ICSP Header
PCB Available @ BatchPCB


Populated Board


PCB Front

PCB Back